How do I choose a name for my business?

When starting out a business in Singapore, it is important that you determine the name that it will be go by beforehand. The name reflects the identity of your brand but also gives insight on the kind of services that you offer. Be sure to determine if the name that you have picked is available on the web or it is taken by someone else.

You need to have it properly registered and protected for the long term. Most people use their own names as the business name. It is important that the name that you choose presents a professional image in order for you to build brand awareness.

You need to consider how the name will appear be it on the web or on your logo. Think about it on the social media. Does it provoke interest on a person to pursue your line of business for services? Most people are drawn by the name of a business therefore keep this in mind as you determine a name for your business.

Depending on the kind of business that you are into, the business name should reflect the culture of the business with an appeal to the target users. You need to decide if you want to make it appear corporate or more like a personal business. This will help you decide on the name that you settle on for the business. You need to ensure that the name you choose is not claimed by others either on the web or offline.

Go ahead and search for Trademark search tool to check for a similar name to the one you have picked. It is good to remember that infringement of trademark can earn you quite some for your business.

If you plan on having a web address or URL you need to ensure that it is available using WHOIS database for domain names. This will help you to know if the name is registered online under someone else and a web search will give you results. Make sure that your name is unique and also rich in words that mirror your line of business. If your name is available you should claim it right away and then go on to register a domain.

In case you plan on going corporate, you should contact your state filing office to determine if the name has been claimed yet. You can still go on to use it even with another one in existence as long as the services that you offer are in a different location from the existing one.

You can then go on to register the business name and to be able to do this you need to notify the government of the presence of your business with the name other than your own name. This is in case you are using a name for your business that is not the same as your personal name. This step does not apply in case you pick your personal name for business.

Next you then apply for trademark protection which protects names, symbols and logos. Remember that your name is one of the most important business assets therefore you need to protect it. There is a charge to filing a trademark which needs to be met.

When starting a business in Singapore you need to pick a catchy name to be able to hook your customers to your business. Think about the appeal that the name you choose will have on your customers and go that way. Since you want to have a name that will remain in the minds of customers without forgetting, you can settle for one that is short and to the point.

Your business name is the top consideration when starting a business in Singapore since you want to make an impact on your users. To be able to get noticed in the myriad of other businesses in the country it is therefore important that you select a name that is well thought out so that at the mention of it your customers get a vision of what is on offer to them. This will draw them to come to your business without hesitation bringing growth to it.


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