Some continents find Asia the best continent to retire though others like Europe find theirs the best. The United States of America and Canada expatriates prefer Asia as the best to live in. Most Britons prefer parts of Europe as the best to retire in.

There are the most beautiful scenes in the south east of Asia and known to be the best in the world. This is also attracting most expats to live in this world of the tropic. For one to move from one country and settle in to the other, there is need to have an overview of the country you wish to settle in. you need to know about the climate, culture, the people and if there is existence of  excellence health policy insurance.

The reason why the British expats think Europe is the best place to settle in is that they think of Asia as having warm weather. Still in Asia there are some of the best places to retire. These places may include:

Malaysia– here is exists wonderful climate of the tropics, beautiful beaches and rain-forests. This is a home for a lot of expats all the way from the United Kingdom, India, China, etc. It has a rich background of culture with colorful celebrations of religions and culture. Being a third world country infrastructure and road conditions are excellent. This is why it is a tourist favorite country. To add on that Malaysia is a colony of British hence English is spoken by most people.

Singapore – It is a country with a thriving economy and is one of the communities in Asia hosting most expats. Singapore is the number 5 wealthiest countries in the world, famous for its cleanliness. It is relatively cheaper to pursue your studies in Singapore. For a good survival here, you would need to adapt to the moist climate and the monsoon lasting for only about two months.

Thailand – in Asia, it is the country with the lowest cost of living with the provision of quality life. People here are very friendly and accommodating. Phuket is one of the best places here. There is extensive provision of health care insurance for the expatriates. These standards increase the chances of emigrants in to the country.

Having looked at the 3 reasons why people find Asia the best place to retire in, there are still so many other places to be discussed. If you are dreaming of spending your life abroad then Asia is the greatest place.